Baltic Way Challenge medals by Jānis Šneiders

For the Baltic Way Challenge have prepared special medals designed by Jānis Šneiders, winner of the Nordic & Baltic Young Artist Award and Purvītis Prize 2021 nominee.

“The idea is based on a book of Native American petroglyphs I saw in a souvenir shop in the USA, in which I saw a symbol I then drew in my sketch book. The symbol was comprised of two square brackets embracing each other like an abstract kiss, hug, handshake or chain link. This symbol represented mutual responsibility. I then saw the similarity with the word un [“and” in Latvian], if the u and n were interlinked, the foot of the n in the mouth (cup) of the u or vice versa; un as a linking word uniting two equal parts of a sentence. Estonia un Latvia un Lithuania,” explains medal designer Jānis Šneiders.