Rimi Riga Marathon 2020 Nike running shirt

The 30th anniversary shirt has joined the ranks of official marathon running shirts, and has been designed by internationally-recognized Latvian fashion designers MAREUNROL’S.

“The message we wanted to give with this shirt is the runner’s battle with the wind, at the same time maintaining common sense. Running 20 km and more is something impossible for me. At the same time, it is important to be aware of your body and not to overestimate your abilities, because desires are often greater than physical abilities. Of course, it is all a bit humorous,” explains designer Rolands Pēterkops.

MAREUNROL’S is the internationally most-recognized Latvian fashion brand. The brand regularly takes part in Paris Fashion Week – originally as part of its official programme. Meanwhile in 2016 MAREUNROL’S were among the ten European nominees for the prestigious International Woolmark Prize in the menswear category. In 2013, Phaidon Press’ survey Pattern included MAREUNROL’S among 100 of today’s most exceptional young designers. Their costume also graced the cover of the special edition of the respected lifestyle magazine Wallpaper, dedicated to the fashion of the future.