Summer Champs medals by Jānis Šneiders

The Rimi Riga Marathon's Virtual Running Club Summer Champs will have special medals designed by Jānis Šneiders, Nordic and Baltic Young Artist Award winner and Purvītis Prize 2021 nominee. The medals he has designed for each stage of the Summer Champs will be available for purchase on the Rimi Riga Marathon online store.

"The room pictured on the medals is illusory. The perpendicular walls are an illusion; the room has become flat, squashed. Almost like life this past year—flat friends on a flat screen. The walls are armour, while shining through the open door is the outdoors—the endless potential of reality. Like a gem set in the medal. The medal frames the landscape. The door becomes a portal. When it hangs around your neck, it leads to your heart,” explains medal designer Jānis Šneiders.

The artist has envisioned the medal for each Summer Champs stage as a significant, symbolic third of the Summer Champs medal set (triptych). Each medal is unique and standalone, both only all three together from the “illusory room” designed by Jānis Šneiders.