Men's World Athletics Road Running Championships Riga 23 Running Shirt

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The official running shirt of the championships, featuring Vilhelms Purvītis' artwork "In Spring (Springtime)", along with the medal design, made possible with the support of the Latvian National Museum of Art, will allow Latvian art to enter the realm of global sports and athletics.

The nature featured in Vilhelms Purvītis’ paintings “Spring Waters (Maestoso)”, “Winter”, and “In Spring (Springtime)” are typical Latvian landscapes at different times of the year. With these paintings, Purvītis laid the foundation for Latvian landscape painting. And the landscapes in Purvītis’ works reveal his approach to the change of seasons in his homeland: the flooding rivers and lakes, ice floes along the riverbanks, thaws in early spring, snowdrifts, rapid streams, orchards in blossom, and the colours of autumn are depicted with an unmistakeable sensitivity and fondness.

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